A Strange Craft, with Many RewardS

I want to have my plays staged, and ideally in more than one production. I've written several plays, some produced, some not (yet!), and I've learned a few things about how plays work, how to make sure that the play's "inner clock" never stops, that the play's energy sustains itself until the show's over.

Plays are concentrated visions of life. I love wrestling with the form from draft to draft, adding and subtracting incidents, characters, layers of meaning and experience, and even titles. There's nothing as patient as a computer screen with the words ACT ONE typed at the top. But somehow, plays get written, rewritten, rewritten again, and sent out looking for a theatre to find a home in, and produced.

The best part, for me, is when audiences respond to the same things that I responded to when I was writing the play. Or different things. I don't care, as long as they respond!


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