Bella Donna

CBC Radio (Marichka Melnyk): 

 “This winner of the Fringe New Play Award is a romp through the Italy and politics of the Borgia family, when Popes were politicians and not very holy ones at that. Savagely funny, sexy, saucy, and more than a little irreverent, plus the cleverest set design I’ve seen in a while.”

 EYE Weekly (Andrew Braithwaite):

“One part Shakespearean intrigue, one part slapstick farce, Bella Donna marries elaborate characters, high drama, minimalist period production and an aggressive sense of humour to create an altogether excellent piece of theatre. The cracking story of courtly intrigue in 16th-century Italy employs mistaken identity, cross-dressing, Oedipal impulses and heretic humour, and the sharp dramatic turns surrounding the rule of the excommunicated Borgia family are like free-based thespian crack for audiences stricken by a string of meandering, overlong one-man “meditations” at other venues. All five actors excel in their distinct roles, and the sneakily elaborate costumes, simple set and musical choices are all first-rate.”


National Post (M. K. Piatkowski):

“The winner of the Fringe New Play Award, and well deserved. This one sold out its first night and I expect that to be the case for the rest of the run. The story revolves around Lucrezia Borgia, with the production giving us a good feel for the time and place. The writing is first rate and there are some great performances. It’s a drama but the show has its fun side, which is what truly raises this play to another level.”


NOW Toronto (Glenn Sumi):

David Copelin’s clever and darkly funny script about the sexual, political and religious machinations surrounding history’s notorious Lucrezia Borgia gets a thrilling production. Director Sue Miner navigates the complicated stage traffic – lots of unseen secret passageways – with skill, and gets her fine actors to have as much fun as we’re having.” (Tanya Scholes):

“With intrigue, irreverence and a whole lot of sinful sexiness humourously sprinkled throughout, the limits of passion, politics, religion and relationships are provocatively pushed …”


Toronto Star (Robert Crew):

“… clever, sexy and slick…”

The Angel Capone

Grants Pass Daily Courier (Kathleen Alaks):
"...David Copelin's play at Barnstormers Theatre was not only charming but disarming, with a story, a cast and a presentation that all were first rate ... crisp, engaging, and a whole lotta fun."

Ubu Rex

The Village Voice (Michael Feingold):
"Ubu Rex is the best Polish joke in world drama since Hamlet. David Copelin's translation, in gritty Northamericanese, is my favorite ... "

The Scribe (Bert Bernardi):
"The episodic structure, bizarre tone and authentic ring of Jarry's original version have been accurately captured in this translation by David Copelin."


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